Library Card

You must show a picture ID & proof of a current mailing address to get a library card for yourself and/or any children under your care. Proof of address may be found on your ID, a checkbook, utility bill, car registration, etc. or you can fill out a verification postcard at the library to be delivered to you. A library card application may be submitted in person or through Curbside Delivery. Please call us at 580-234-6313 if applying through Curbside and a librarian will meet you at your vehicle.

Internet only cards still need to show a picture ID but will not be allowed to check anything out.

By signing up for a library card you agree that:

  1. I and my children under my care will follow all library rules and policies, including all computer policies.
  2. I will keep this contact information up to date, including physical mailing address and phone numbers.
  3. I assume responsibility for all materials checked out on this account and will not share my account.
  4. I will make sure all borrowed materials are returned on time and pay for all unreturned or damaged materials charged to this account.
  5. A $1.00 fee will be charged for replacing a library card. I will report a lost or stolen card right away.
  6. I will not hold the library responsible for any damage that borrowed materials might cause my own equipment.