Library Laws

Rules, Regulations, & Statutes

As required by Oklahoma law, we are providing the rules, regulations, and statutes that we follow in the operation of the library. If you have any questions, please contact the Library Director for more information.

Local Ordinances

See City of Enid Code

Title 2 Chapter 6, Article C City Services and Facilities

2-6c-3: Library Fees and Access
  1. Fees: The fees to be charged at the public library of Enid and Garfield County shall be set by the library board and shall be posted at the library, at the city hall administration building and on the library's website.
  2. Failure To Return Loaned Item: Any patron that has failed to return the loaned item(s) by the due date shall no longer have borrowing or other library privileges until the loaned item is returned, the appropriate fees have been paid, or other arrangements made.

(Ord. 2009-03, 1-20-2009)

Title 7 Chapter 10 Library Board

7-10-1: Enid and Garfield County Public Library Board of Directors

The library board of directors is authorized by city charter, section A.8.23. (Ord. 2008-14, 7-15-2008)

7-10-2: Composition of Board

The board of directors is composed of six (6) members that are residents of the city of Enid, and one member that is a resident of Garfield County, but does not reside in the city of Enid, and has been nominated by Garfield County commissioners. All the appointments are made by the mayor and board of commissioners. (Ord. 2008-14, 7-15-2008)

7-10-3: Terms

The members of the board shall serve for three (3) years or until their successors are appointed. The terms expire on the first Monday in May of the applicable year. No person shall serve more than two (2) terms in succession. (Ord. 2008-14, 7-15-2008)

7-10-4: Meetings

The meeting on the second Monday of each May shall be the meeting where the yearly election of officers shall be made by majority vote of the board. The officers shall be president, vice president and secretary. Other meetings may be scheduled as the members choose. A quorum of this board is the majority of the members. (Ord. 2008-14, 7-15-2008)

7-10-5: Scope of Duties

The board's duties shall include:

  1. Conducting hearings or meetings when needed;
  2. Annual review of the library budget to include recommendations concerning expenditures and projects;
  3. Reviewing, developing and adopting library policies that affect patrons, public service and the availability of services for residents throughout Garfield County;
  4. Developing a long term plan for the library, particularly as it relates to collection development, special programming, technology, infrastructure, and the Enid Foundation library endowment fund; and
  5. Making recommendations to the city manager concerning the hiring, performance and retention of the library director. (Ord. 2008-25, 9-16-2008)

Oklahoma Library Laws, Rules and Regulations

This is unofficial compilation of links leading to sections of the Oklahoma Constitution, Oklahoma Statutes (primarily Title 65) and Oklahoma Administrative Code (primarily Titles 60 and 405) relating to operation of the Enid Public Library. It does NOT include all statutes, rules, ordinances, or bylaws that may apply to a specific situation. It is intended as a convenient reference, not as a replacement for the official versions of these publications. It should not be substituted for advice of legal counsel. This information is being provided to comply with the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act (House Bill No 2698, 2010).

Note the following explanations of citation abbreviations:

O.S. = Oklahoma Statutes
Okla. Const. = Oklahoma Constitution
OAC = Oklahoma Administrative Code