Does Climate Change Your Plate?

This 3-part series explores how climate change affects beef prices in the grocery store.  Based upon a multi-state nine-year research effort, The Great Plains Grazing Project traces the effects of our changing weather patterns upon cattle, forage, crops, rainfall, temperature, and ultimately the consumer’s wallet. Study participants include Oklahoma State University, Kansas State University, NOAA, and other acclaimed research groups.

With mild, wet Augusts and hot, dry Februarys,  the  ultimate change is seen by price shock at the meat counter.   Learn ways to purchase beef based on per serving cost, instead of per pound.  Discuss ways to incorporate more vegetables, less tender cuts, and smaller portions into a healthy, flavorful diet.  Taste test a different recipe at each session! Each lesson is from 12:00-1:00.

Lesson 1: Beef and the Environment: Sept. 22

Lesson 2: Adapting to Higher Prices: Eating Recommended Amounts: Sept. 29

Lesson 3: Adapting to Higher Prices: Ways to Cut Costs: Oct 6

Presented by OSU Extension Educator Lesa Rauh.