Review: A Bride’s Story, Volume 1 by Kaoru Mori

Review by: Sarah

drawing of woman

A Bride’s Story, Volume 1 by Kaoru Mori is one of the most beautiful manga out there and is illustrated by the author.  The detail that the author draws is just amazing. It is currently ongoing in Japan with 13 volumes.  11 volumes are currently available in English with volume 12 coming out in September. This series does have occasional non-sexual nudity.

This manga is historical fiction and takes place in central Asia in the nineteenth century along the Silk Road. Volume 1 follows newlyweds, Amir Halgal, age 20, and Karluk Eihon, age 12, as they start their new life together in Karluk’s village.  Amir is an old maid who comes from a distant village where the culture is a bit different since they are more nomadic. Embroidery and sewing, though, is very important to both cultures, because a bride must sew and embroider rugs, clothes, and other household items.

I love this series. The illustrations are gorgeous. The story is so good and only gets better in later volumes, though not all volumes are about this couple. The author really brings her characters to life with both illustrations and words. As always, below are some samples of the gorgeous artwork, though the pictures are too small to show all the details that the author drew.

The series is available in the library, although book one is currently checked out. Call us at 580-234-6313 to reserve for Curbside Delivery.