July Display: Libraries (and audiobooks) rock!Music and Audio Display

This month, be sure to check out biographies featuring your favorite musicians and music movements. We will also be having posters celebrating the decades from the 50s to 90s. See what music movement was rocking the globe and reminisce or rediscover your favorite  singers and groups. Be sure to download the Hoopla app to discover even more music you can listen to on the go!

We are also featuring audiobooks this month, making car rides and long walks and hardcore gym workouts more fun since the 1930s. A new addition to our library are the new audio players, the Playaway.

Charlotte's Web plaway audiobookWhat is a Playaway?

It’s an audiobook that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Stick it in your pocket and go on a run. Plug it into your car port and go for a drive. No CD player required. Batteries provided! Just make sure to plug in your own pair of headphones.

Want a bigger selection of audios for on the go? Try our Libby or Hoopla apps. All free with your library card!