Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

book cover for midnight library

Review by Alyca “It seems impossible to live without hurting people.” “That’s because it is.” “So why live at all?” “Well, in fairness, dying hurts people too.” It took me a bit to be into this book. I’m not usually a reader of sci-fi.  But the last part of this book is so good it…

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Manga Review: Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume 1

exhausted gray striped cat on cover

Review by: Sarah Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume 1 by Konami Kanata is a delightful manga series for all ages.  It is complete in English at 12 volumes, though we currently only have volume 1 on Overdrive.  Unlike other Japanese manga, it is read in what we consider the “right” way, and not “backwards” like most…

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Review: Good Dog, Cerberus!: Volume 1

book with dog on cover

Review by: Sarah Good Dog, Cerberus!, Volume 1 is a delightful manga for all ages.  Unfortunately, one volume is all that’s out, even in Japan, and it is too short. I want more of Hades and Cerberus.  This is a funny manga with no real story.  It’s just about Hades and his dog, Cerberus, who…

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Review: Tomes Apprentice

book cover with runes

Review by: Sarah Tomes Apprentice is the first book in The Tomes of Kaleria series by Honor Raconteur.  Mei Li is a Tomes apprentice lost at sea after fleeing separately from her master.  They are the only two people in the world that can read and understand the tomes, which are records of how to…

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Video Review: An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

two animals in a dark cave with torches

Review by: Twyleen View full video on youtube. TRANSCRIPT: Hello, library patrons. I’m your local librarian Twyleen, and today we have with us Twyleen. Hello. She’s here to talk about a book she wants you guys to read. It’s called an illustrated book of bad arguments. So, Twyleen, where can our patrons access this book.…

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Series Review: If I Run series by Terri Blackstock

book cover with shattered ice and woman behind it

Review by Andrea Good, wholesome fictional books. Could not stop until all three books were finished!   Casey Cox finds her best friend murdered and knows she’s going to be a suspect.  What ensues is a lot of clever hiding and running from the dirty cops she knows were responsible for her dad’s death.  Throughout many…

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The Handmaid’s Tale comes to Enid

Join the Enid Public Library for a special “Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma” program celebrating the PBS series, “The Great American Read”. The selected book is The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, a cautionary novel set in the near future. On Thursday, Oct. 25, at 6:30 p.m., NWOSU scholar Dr. Roxie James will discuss the…

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Eat Your Words Cookbook Club

A book club for food lovers. Participants will check out a cookbook to coincide with the monthly theme and prepare a dish from the book to bring to the next book club. Books will be reviewed and dishes sampled. Yum! Don’t cook but still want to participate? No worries, we will find an easy no-cook…

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It’s a DEAL! (Drop Everything and Listen)

DROP EVERYTHING and LISTEN (DEAL) is our new elementary book club.  We will come together and share chapter books.  We will explore new chapter books, different genres, do author studies, and just enjoy literature.    This book club is geared for children who are chapter book readers or want to become chapter book readers.  Come …

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