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Hello, library patrons. I’m your local librarian Twyleen, and today we have with us Twyleen.


She’s here to talk about a book she wants you guys to read. It’s called an illustrated book of bad arguments. So, Twyleen, where can our patrons access this book.

On Hoopla.

What’s Hoopla?

It’s a free app that you can download onto your phone or computer and use your library card to borrow digital copies of books.

Hey, that’s really cool. I love books, and I love free, too. Okay, so first of all, I have to ask is this a children’s book because it looks like a children’s book.

It is not a children’s book. The reading level is too advanced. It is for adults, but the abstract concepts within the book are presented in a fun and childlike way that makes the book accessible to anyone.

Okay, so what’s it about? Is it a story?

It’s not a story. It’s non-fiction. It is 19 of the most common logical fallacies. Each one is listed in the table of contents and then each one is explained individually, clearly, and then given an illustrated example.

Cool. What a fun introduction to logic.

Yeah, and it’s really good for all of us because we’ve all committed logical fallacies at some point in our life no matter how smart we are, but really all smart people have read this book. And that’s what I mean. That’s it’s a logical fallacy.

It’s in the book. It’s, uh, no true scotsman…okay, well.

I’m just saying like, you should read it because a hundred years ago people read all the time.

Well, yes, it’s good to read. I agree with you there, but your reasoning, Twyleen, is it’s…another logical fallacy.

Itt’s some appeal to ancient wisdom. It’s also in the book.

Did you even read the book?

Some of it. Be gone!

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