Review: Tomes Apprentice

Review by: Sarah

Tomes Apprentice is the first book in The Tomes of Kaleria series by Honor Raconteur. 

cover of tomes apprentice. brown backdrop with runes

Mei Li is a Tomes apprentice lost at sea after fleeing separately from her master.  They are the only two people in the world that can read and understand the tomes, which are records of how to handle various problems that require old magic to fix.  One of the criteria for becoming a tomes apprentice is the ability to remember everything that they’ve read.  Unfortunately, 90 records were lost at sea with her master, and she’s only read 13 of them, and the demon who’s about to break free of his seal is not one of them. He had killed thousands before he was sealed, so the race is on to either find her master, the lost tomes, or rediscover how to reseal the demon.

map of Kaleria

I really liked this book. The author has created a whole new world of Kaleria with Chinese culture overtones. Mei Li was funny and spunky, even when feeling overwhelmed because with her master lost, she was the only one that could direct the mages on how to renew the seals on various creatures, demons, and magical items before they get released and bring destruction to the world–no pressure.  I do like humor in my books, and this author never disappoints. Just reading the summary gives you an idea of the author’s humor. I hated to see it end because I wanted more, and while the author didn’t end it on a cliffhanger, she left you wanting to know what comes next.  Fortunately, the author is currently writing book two and is aiming for a June release, if all goes well.

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