Manga Review: Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume 1

Review by: Sarah

exhausted gray striped cat on cover

Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume 1 by Konami Kanata is a delightful manga series for all ages.  It is complete in English at 12 volumes, though we currently only have volume 1 on Overdrive.  Unlike other Japanese manga, it is read in what we consider the “right” way, and not “backwards” like most of the other manga out there.  It was also a New York Times bestseller. There is also an anime, which is adorable. Though there are over 100 episodes, they are really short at 3 minutes each.

This manga is a fully colored manga that tells the story of a little kitten who got separated from her mom and was picked up by a kind couple with a toddler. They aren’t allowed pets at their apartment building and have to hide her while trying to find her a new home.  This is a cute story with cute illustrations with some samples down below. This manga is a must read for all cat lovers.

Read the ebook on Overdrive.