Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

book cover for midnight library

Review by Alyca

“It seems impossible to live without hurting people.”

“That’s because it is.”

“So why live at all?”

“Well, in fairness, dying hurts people too.”

It took me a bit to be into this book. I’m not usually a reader of sci-fi.  But the last part of this book is so good it definitely makes it worth it!

Nora is having a hard time with life and doesn’t want to live anymore.  She ends up in the midnight library. The midnight library is a place where you can choose to change your regrets and live the lives that would have happened.  Infinite numbers of timelines exist and Nora gets to “try on” different lives.  She soon finds out that not all the lives are what she wanted them to be.  She finds one that she is really enjoying and she realizes life is “A beautiful messy struggle”.  Every life is like this and you can’t just find a new one.  “You don’t have to understand life.  You just have to live it.”

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