Book Review: Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare

Review by Alyca

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Book Two in The Last Hours series.

Amazing installment to Cassandra Clare’s The Last Hours series!

Set in early 1900s London, this story follows the children of Will and Tessa.  Will and Tessa are main characters from her previous series, The Infernal Devices. If you have not read The Infernal Devices then you must! Although you don’t have to read the previous series in order to follow this one. Clare writes them as new and fresh stories for each series. 

James and Lucie are their children, and they are fighting to keep their friends safe from a prince of hell. Demon possession is a threat for James and his friends are always there to support and protect him.  James’ friends, who refer to themselves as the merry thieves, get into all the mischief meant to entertain.  Cordelia is Lucie’s best friend and they will soon join together as parabatai, which is the closest form of friendship for Shadowhunters. Lucie has secrets that she will do anything to keep to herself, but eventually all secrets get exposed. Cordelia and James have married but not really for the right reasons. Cordelia just wants to prove herself a hero and win James over.  Friendships are tested and pushed to the point of breaking.

Lots of places where I laughed out loud, and the end was left wide open for the third book and I can’t wait for it to come out. Next spring can’t get here soon enough!

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