Series Review: Rot & Ruin

Review by: Alyca

Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry

I was so sad when I finished this series. I just wanted more! I loved all of the characters and how much they grow throughout the series.

Benny Imura lives in California with his brother, Tom. It’s been 15 years since the virus that turned most of the population into zombies. Now the survivors have formed small towns and are just trying to stay alive. Tom Imura works as a zombie hunter. But there is so much more to Tom than Benny realizes. Tom doesn’t just hunt zombies, he helps survivors feel at ease with what he does. Evil zombie hunters aren’t near as sympathetic. They kill for sport and must be stopped. The fight against them has a lot of ups and downs throughout the series. At some points it feels as if evil will prevail. They find a government agency where they find out the virus was no accident. But there might be a cure for those who’ve been recently infected. Which one of his best friends has been infected? Can they get all the notes and information together in time to save his friend? The ending is superb and does not fail to satisfy. I would not hesitate to read other titles by this author.

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