Is fake news killing your garden? Join us for a 12-week science-based gardening class! In this free video class from The Great Courses, we’ll talk about common problems that home gardeners face, and you’ll learn why the latest, well-meaning advice from your neighbor or online gardening group may not be the best approach.

This class is for adults!

The Science of Gardening (Lesson Plan)

Great Courses

Professor Linda Chalker-Scott


  1. Garden Science: Weeding Out the Myths 3/7
  2. Site Analysis: Choosing the Right Spot
  3. Soil Analysis: What Makes Soil Great? 3/14
  4. Living Soils: Bacteria and Fungi
  5. Plant Selection: Natives versus Non-Natives 3/21             
  6. Plant Selection: Function and Form
  7. Plant Selection: Finding Quality Specimens 3/28
  8. Soil Preparation and Protection
  9. The Truth about Mulch 4/4
  10. Planting for Survival
  11. Aftercare of New Plants 4/11
  12. Plant Nutrition: Evidence-Based Fertilizing
  13. The Art and Science of Pruning 4/18
  14. Creating Safe Food Gardens
  15. Water-Wise Landscaping 4/25
  16. Diagnosing Diseases and Disasters
  17. Gardening CSI: Case Studies 5/2
  18. Integrated Pest Management
  19. Understanding Pesticides 5/9
  20. What to Do about Weeds
  21. What to Do about Insects 5/16
  22. What to Do about Herbivores
  23. Tackling Garden Myths and Misinformation 5/23
  24. Applied Garden Science: Success Stories


  1. Chasie Bray on March 6, 2019 at 11:09 am

    Is this an online class we can watch from home? Is there a class fee?

    • Michaelene on March 6, 2019 at 11:14 am

      Hello! The class is completely free! The videos will be watched each week at the library. After the class ends on May 23rd, the DVD set will become part of the library’s collection, and you can check it out then and watch it from home.