Did you know about our Friends of the Library group?

Who are they?

The Enid Friends of the Library Club was established in 1938 by the Enid Carnegie library board member’s secretary, Mrs. Amy Carl. According to Mrs. Carl, the Friends were formed to:

“maintain an association of persons interested in books, to increase the facilities and service of the library and to enrich the cultural opportunities available to the community, and most important of all, to create a sentiment for a new library building.” (Source: “Enid Organizes Friends of the Library Club.”

Oklahoma Libraries, Vol. 6, No. 7, March 1938, pg 42)

That’s still true today (only instead of a new building, we have upgrades and updates in the works for our current location).

What do they do?

From fundraising in book sales and crafts, to Halloween fun nights, and soon, a Day at the Library events, it’s a community of support by people passionate about the library and the surrounding community.

Here are more ways they help the library:

  • Volunteering
  • Sponsoring events, workshops, and programs
  • Advocating for library funding
  • Managing financial donations & purchases for the library
  • Planning special sales, fundraising events, and the Friends Book Sale

Who can join?

Sound like you?

Anyone who wants to volunteer, help out at the library, and okay, even get free early access to our semi-annual book sales, can join at any time! The registration fee is $10/year. Pick up an application at the first-floor service desk.